Hewlett Packard 12C Financial Calculator App Reviews

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KEEPS CRASHING WHEN OPENED. I receive a message when app is first opened stating "developer of this app should update it since it is slowing down my system". Presumably this is an iOS message, but is concerning.

Theres a Mathematical Error in this app!

If you enter a number with more than 10 digits, the program automatically inserts a decimal after the 10th digit. Subsequent calculations are thus in error.

Miss my prior hp app

This calculator functions just like the other app but not as user friendly. The click sound is so annoying and you can only shut it off. You can only use the app in landscape. Why didnt hp hire the same developer of the old knockoff? It was the best! Even better than my actual hp calculator.

Never i saw a update

I bought this app more than 2 years ago and never saw an update. weird...

Needs Update

I loved this app until iOS updated and the developers did not keep up. HP needs to update their app to work with the new OS, esp for what they charged.

Lazy on updates

Shame! You destroy a brand by slacking off on updates. My phone is unstable because of this outdated app but I rely on the 12C daily. Update it or pull it, just dont further frustrate those who have been HP fans for years.

Functional, but could use small improvements

At the time of writing this review I am currently studying elements of Bond Pricing & Duration. I have a physical HP 12C Platinum that I left back in my room by mistake, so I downloaded this app. So far its just like using the real thing (although admittedly I have not performed any complex computations). My one suggestion would be to update the apps resolution to that of the iPhone 6-7/iPhone 6-7+ native display resolutions. On my iPhone 7, there are black bars on the left and right hand side of the screen (when held horizontally) that are somewhat irritating. Surely this fix would not constitute a large undertaking for Hewlett-Packard 4/5

New HP 12C app is TERRIBLE!!!

I LOVED the amazing non-official 12c app I had and lived for years. Now that app has disappeared mysteriously from my phone and I just spent $15 to buy the official one from HP. Unbelievable how lame it is. HP should be embarrassed. This is indicative of crappy thinking and lame products at HP. Why they are going down the tubes as a company. So so lame.


Last update was in 2012? As I use the app now I receive a message for App Store about that developer needs to update the app for continued performance Common HP, update the app!

Could someone update this app, please?

Why hasnt HP updated this app? Do I have to contact Meg Whitman to get this app the attention it needs? Cmon!!!

Not updated for iOS 10

There is an error message ever time the app is opened stating the developer needs to update the application.

No update since 2012?

Hey HP, are you going to update the app? Got a weird (intermittent) message from iOS 10 about compatibility issue. Unfortunately I didnt jot it down.

Rip off

This app Disappear from my iPhone , rarely used it , I payed for it . Give it back . Check your data base you will see that I payed for it,

Comma separator

The app doesnt allow to change the decimal separator from comma to point.

Dave J

HP has abandoned the app. It fits to the old iphone 4 size screen. You deal with black bars if you have a 6 or 6 plus. I did see that 2012 was HPs last attempt to update. Too expensive to be orphaned.

Works great for my Mortgage team

Works exactly and looks exactly as the real thing. Couldnt be happier! Ive had it for over a year on my iPhone and iPad and I dont think Ive carried my actual calculator since. My iPad makes the numbers bigger, easier to go even faster on it for quick house payments for clients. I would buy it if youre on the fence. Last one youll have to buy!

Useless For Blind Consumers--I Want My Money Back

Not having had an off-the-shelf, full-functioned financial calculator I ever could use as a totally blind business student and financial planner, I was excited when a genuine HP 12C emulator app for iPhone came out. But this falls flat: no labeled buttons, no thought whatsoever put into accessibility. And I paid $14.99! Found a knock-off whose buttons are properly labeled--simply called "Financial Calculator"--that is free and that I will be able to learn and work with. Thumbs down, HP.

Dont buy with an iPhone 6!

It wont give me the full image when I turn my phone making many of the features unusable

How do I get a refund?

This is not the HP 12C I was hoping for. The look and feel is not adequate for the price. How do I get a refund? Ive already deleted the app. Thanks.

iOS9 glitch

Work-around for iOS9 glitch. This affects both the HP 12C and HP 15C emulators. The problem: When upgrading from iOS8 to iOS9, the "rotating" feature of both apps is no longer supported. Symptom: With default settings, both emulators are locked in "portrait" mode, which produces the "four function calculator" that others have complained about. The fix: Go to iPhone "Settings" and look for the HP 12C or HP 15C. Default settings include "Landscape Lock" set to ON. Set "Landscape Lock" to OFF. This will restore full functionality of the HP 12C and HP 15C calculators. Unintended consequence of this fix: Loss of the "four function calculator" that HP provided for portrait mode.

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